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[FRIDAY FIVES] - Five Most Disappointing Movies of 2013

Two weeks ago I brought you the Five Worst Movies of 2013 and in an attempt to drag out my Top 13 Movies of 2013 list (which I'm still umm'ing and ahh'ing over), I'm continuing my end of year round-up with the Five Most Disappointing Movies of this very year.

I haven't numbered this list because I'm not sure how you can decipher between different levels of disappointment. Anyway, grab yourself a cuppa and a blanket and read on to discover what highly anticipated movies really let me down this year.

What I originally said: "Elysium starts out as a serious film with a topical, rather controversial concept but with Kruger's (Sharlto Copley) introduction and subsequent descent into madness, the movie turns full-blown Hollywood on its audience."

Disappointing because of... the shallow world-building and cartoonish handling of a thought-provoking premise.

What I originally said: "The film feels fake; a fantastically produced play, rather than a film experience. The hyper-realistic 'look' of the cinematography is misplaced within a period setting. Action-wise, chase scenes and shoot-outs look smooth and they are exhilarating to watch but that's not a strong enough reason to shoot in digital, in my book."

Disappointing because of... the wasted all-star cast, in particular Gosling and Stone who have the least convincing on-screen relationship of 2013.

Mike arriving at university in Monster's University

What I originally said: Err... nothing because I couldn't bring myself to review it. I was that disappointed.

Disappointing because of... how repetitive and rushed it feels. Lacking the charm and laugh out loud humour that enamoured audiences in Monster's Inc.

What I originally said: "The most positive thing I can say about The Purge is that its concept makes you think. Problem is, the more you think, the more plot-holes you'll dig up and the more preposterous the idea of an annual purge becomes."

Disappointing because of... the small-scale storyline that wastes the 'purge' concept and instead falls upon safe home invasion horror tropes.

What I originally said: "The script is flat and poorly written. There's not one memorable one-liner or witticism, unlike the other highly quotable installments in the 'Cornetto Trilogy'. In the end, the movie has to rely upon its ensemble cast and their on-screen chemistry to get through the sluggish run-time."
Disappointing because of... the lack of laughs, which is largely due to Simon Pegg's obnoxiously written, near-on insufferable, character.

What disappointed you in 2013? Perhaps The Wolverine didn't quite cut the mustard? Or how about Hangover III? Comment below if I missed out your most disappointing movie of the year.


  1. Well I agree with you on "The Purge" (which was inexplicably a big hit) and "Gangster Squad" but where was the utterly pointless redo of "Carrie"?

    1. I had zero expectations for that film so I wasn't disappointed. But you're right, it was pointless and Chloe Moretz, whilst a great actress, is no Sissy Spacek.

  2. I was also dissapointed by THE PURGE. And ELYSIUM was so over-hyped because of DISTRICT 9. However, I never thought MONSTERS U was going to be as good as INC (specially because of CARS 2), but I still enjoyed it.

    The other ones that dissapointed me (but that I didn't necessarilly thought were bad) were (in no order) THE COUNSELOR, INSIDIOUS 2, THE WOLVERINE, THE CONJURING, THE HEAT, WORLD WAR Z, I'M SO EXCITED, MAN OF STEEL, THE INTERNSHIP, THE HANGOVER PART III, THE BIG WEDDING and TRANCE. Oh, and BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, PHIL SPECTOR and even SHARK-NADO.

    1. Personally, I kept my expectation levels for The Wolverine and Man of Steel fairly low so they didn't bother me. I knew Hangover III and The Internship were gonna be poor/average.

      But Trance, World War Z and The Counselor very nearly squeezed themselves onto this list. Trance was so meh, really disappointing!

      And what did you expect from Shark-Nado?!

    2. I expected SHARK-NADO to be "so bad it's good". That was obviously the intention, but it ended up being just bad.

  3. Hey, you said this of Gangster Squad: "Disappointing because of... the wasted all-star cast, in particular Gosling and Stone who have the least convincing on-screen relationship of 2013."

    While I agree with you that their relationship was unconvincing, it's not the worst of 2013, in my opinion. That award must go to the onscreen relationship between Clark Kent and... oh, what's her name - see, that's how memorable the main love interest in Man of Steel was! ;-)

    1. I really like Amy Adams but I have to agree that part of the film was weak.

      Thanks for visiting Mark.


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