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[FRIDAY FIVES] - Five Upcoming Movies That Can Potentially Save 2013

If we're honest with ourselves, 2013 has been downright average. What's so disappointing about this year is that it promised oh so much! 2013 saw two Marvel films, a Superman reboot, a Star Trek sequel, giant robots beating the crap out of subterranean aliens, trips back to Oz and Monstropolis and James Franco and Seth Rogen facing the apocalypse. Written down that sounds like an awesome year but the reality is that nearly all of the above films underwhelmed.

I could moan and moan about how unsatisfying 2013 has been cinema-wise but instead I'm going to offer a shred of optimism. We have a couple of months left and although summer has been and gone, there are still some HUGE releases lurking as well as some small gems looking to make a big splash. 

So here we are; five upcoming movies that can potentially save 2013's blushes. 

Thor Dark World banner
RELEASE DATE: 30th October          TRAILER                    IMDB


It's a Marvel movie, anything they release is going to be a big deal. Personally speaking though, Thor is my favourite Avenger so I'm eagerly anticipating this follow-up. Everyone from the first movie is returning, including Natalie Portman (who's back from her two year maternity break) Tom Hiddlestone, Idris Elba and ofcourse Mr Hemsworth. New to the cast are former Timelord Christopher Ecclestone, cheeky chappy Chris O'Dowd and Benicio Del Toro! Awesome right? Behind the camera sits a man named Alan Taylor, who's earned his stripes directing for the small screen with an impressive resume that includes Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.

Joseph Gordon Levitt lifting weights in Don Jon
RELEASE DATE: 15th November         TRAILER              IMDB


Three words; Joseph Gordon Levitt. The above trailer promises a fresh, raunchy, vibrant and confident feature-length directorial and screen-writing debut from Mr Levitt, who seems to have talent behind the camera as well as in front of it. When you sit and think about the multitude of talents this man has, it seems grossly unfair... Anyway, Scarlett Johansson is JGL's onscreen squeeze, which should help to get male bums on seats. Don Jon received overwhelming plaudits from Sundance festivalgoers earlier in the year and critics have responded with an 82% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Josh Brolin in Oldboy
RELEASE DATE: 6th December        TRAILER              IMDB


In truth, I'm taking a gamble on recommending Spike Lee's (completely unnecessary) Oldboy remake. Lee hasn't directed a note-worthy movie since 2006's Inside Man, instead spending most of those seven years causing Twitter race wars, so it's easy to forget the mans talents. The casting is reassuring however, with reliable old-timers like Josh Brolin and Samuel L Jackson mixed with more interesting choices in Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley. What most excites me is that the cinematographer is Sean Bobbitt, the man who shot The Place Beyond the Pines, Hunger and Shame, i.e. fantastic looking films. 

Martin Freeman Desolation of Smaug
RELEASE DATE: 13th December            TRAILER             IMDB


There are two camps of people; those who loved every single minute of last year's The Hobbit and those (evil, soulless) people who were bored to tears by it. I was firmly in Camp A (as evidenced by my passionate defence of the film) and I'm not ashamed to admit that The Desolation of Smaug is my cinema event of the year. So what's there to be excited about? For one, there's a goddamn dragon with Sherlock Holmes' (Benedict Cumberbatch) voice! And Kate from Lost has escaped the island and become awoodland elf. Other than that, it's more of the same - wizards, warlocks, orcs, trolls, hobbits's all gloriously captured in stunning 3D. Be right back, I think I just 'gasmed.

RELEASE DATE: 20th December              TRAILER             IMDB  


This is David O. Russell's follow-up to last year's smash hit Silver Linings Playbook. Not only has he kept the fantastic duo of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, he's added Batman (Bale), Lois Lane (Adams) and Hawk-eye (Renner). Not to mention Robert De Niro, Michael Pena and Louis C.K as supporting actors! That's one helluva stacked ensemble cast! Russell has consistently delivered quality movies and whilst his actors have won awards under his guidance (he's directed 3 Oscar-winning performances) he's yet to win a sparkly gong for himself. American Hustle could change that.

How about you? What unreleased 2013 movies are you looking forward to? Anchorman 2? Hunger Games: Catching Fire? Share below!


  1. I pretty much can't wait to see Thor and Don Jon. For me, 2013 saver movies would be Gracity, Kill Your Darlings, August:Osage County and Rush.

    Great Post Ben!

    1. Some awesome picks there. I was definitely considering Gravity and Kill Your Darlings. I have no real interest in F1 but Rush is getting some rave reviews, which is swaying me to check it out.

      Thanks for reading Nika!

  2. I can't wait for Oldboy! Don Jon and American Hustle look good too.

    Also, incredibly anticipating 12 Years a Slave (big McQueen fan), Gravity, Prisoners (rave reviews coming in from TIFF), Kill Your Darlings, The Counselor, Wolf of Wall Street, Inside Llewyn Davis, Hunger Games sequel, Anchorman sequel, Her, and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty...just to name a few.

    1. Wolf of Wall Street is my most anticipated movie BAR NONE and would've made this list but it's a 2014 release for us Brits. Same with 12 Years A Slave, Her and Walter Mitty :(

      Us movie enthusiasts are definitely getting spoiled around December/January though!

  3. So excited for Thor: The Dark World.

    Do you have interest in seeing The Counselor and Her?

    1. Both are on my radar without a doubt! The UK doesn't get Her until 2014 sadly but I will watch ANYTHING Phoenix does (I sat through that bogus faux-documentary of his).

      The Counselor is exciting, such a talented cast. In all honesty, I'd actually forgotten about it! It should probably be on this list.




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