Sunday, 30 June 2013

[EXTENDED LEAVE] Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

You may or may not have noticed that the reviews/posts have been trickling in recently at a fairly inconsistent rate. Life has gotten in the way as it so often does. In June, I quit one of my jobs, took more hours at the other and reluctantly moved out of the nicest house I've ever lived in.

This July I find myself homeless until the 28th when all the paperwork has been sorted and the previous tenants have moved out of my new house. Which means I'll be sleeping on a combination of floors, sofas and other relatively soft, sheltered surfaces over the next 2/3 weeks! It's not all woe though as I'm squeezing in a nice 2 week sojourn to sunny Spain. 

With all this going on, the very earliest I can expect to post again is August. So here's my written notice to all of you lovely readers out there. Catch you all in August when my life and film-viewing habits will hopefully be far more stable! :)

- Ben


  1. Oh... my... God! You wear glasses! Jejeje! See you in August then.

    1. I do! Contact lenses never suited me :(

  2. Good luck with everything. We should arrange a BB night out for when you get back/settled?

  3. When you get back, I'd like you to review Warm Bodies for me please. I loved it, but came on here to see what you thought. haha. Also, I'm so with you on the couch-surfing thing between houses - I'm in exactly the same position.




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